Adamoli.org is a free website created by a private user, English teacher, Mr Gelasio Adamoli who offers this free – grammar based English course online.

Resource/Tool Description

Didactic Analysis

Adamoli.org is an online platform designed to provide a self-study course for Italian users who have a basic, pre-intermediate or intermediate level of English.

The course concentrates mostly on grammar and vocabulary extension. The course provides 79 different lessons, created through Youtube videos, available also without subscribe the inscription to the channel.

Every video-lesson provides the grammar rules related to the topic discussed, various example and – at the left side of the general website – is also possible to find some exercise and quiz to do the test and the level of confidence achieved about the specific subject explained during the video lesson.

The video-lessons can have a duration of 5:00 minutes or 20:00/30:00 minutes, it depends on the topic illustrated. That doesn’t mean that the lesson can’t be watched/studied splitting it in two/three different sessions.

The lessons are always available and there is not a limited access to the website or the Youtube channel.

Adamoli.org can be used by tutors during their classes when grammar lessons are being delivered. With an internet connection, a laptop and a projector. The lessons provided by Adamoli.org are based on Youtube video. The videos use simple graphic and easy examples so they are not so difficult to follow. The resources may be also used by the tutor as a simple, free way for the students to review at home the lesson taught during the school. The course and the exercises provided on the website can be suggested as useful homework. The videos can be useful to practise also listening/speaking and vocabulary.

Pros and cons:
+ The Adamoli.org website is available 24/7 and it’s free of charge.
+ The course can be followed whenever and wherever. The duration of the course depends on the learner’s ability to complete each lesson.
Test and quiz are available.
– The Youtube videos don’t present any short film to help the learning process with examples of dialogues that imitates the use of the grammar rules in real-life conversations.
– Animations and short-films should always be included in a language course.
– No interaction between the platform (no forums, email chats available) and the user.

The resource is suitable for self-study but can be used to improve the efficiency of a class’ lesson.
The course is addressed to Italian students, level of English from A1 to B1.
The course is made up by a variety of lessons focused on grammar rules available on a free Youtube channel. The course provides also exercises to check the work that has been done during the course.

Technical Analysis


Complexity of the development / implementation of the content Low
Comfort of use Easy
Skills and knowledge required Basic
Hardware requirements Computer, tablet, smartphone
Software requirements No specific software requirements
Expected technological tendency/trend Low
Open Source No Access online
Mobile friendly Yes Registration required No

Additional Information






A1, A2, B1

Mobile friendly


Target group

Italian speakers


Grammar, Vocabulary extension