Adventure German – A Mysterious Mission


“Adventure German – A mysterious mission” is an adventure game for advanced learners of German from level B1 developed by the Goethe Institut. Placed in a professional environment, the players solve an exciting criminal case. Instructions and assistance are available in German, English and Spanish.

Resource/Tool Description

Didactic Analysis

The game is available for android smartphones, iphone, ipad and android tablets.

Teachers may be able to use the game in class. However, due to the fact that learners need to download it to their smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad, the game is more suitable for self-study. Thus learners can play the game at their own pace.

The game is a fun way to learn useful new German skills and students may like to play it after class and share their experiences with their classmates afterwards.

Pros and cons:
+ German used in a professional environment
+ The learners solve a mystery case and also learn German skills and phrases related to applying for a job and working life
+ Combination between useful topic and fun game
– The time needed for completing the tasks vary a lot between different learners
– The game is difficult to use in class

The game is well thought out and presents a topic that is not usually associated with a game like this. It is not entirely suitable in class but it is surely something that many learners may like to try for self-study after class.

Technical Analysis


Complexity of the development / implementation of the content High. – The game was developed by the Goethe Institut which guarantees for its high quality both didactically and technically. In order to start the game, learners need to download it first to their smartphone, tablet or iPhone. Once downloaded, the learners advances through the story based on his choices. So far, the game has been downloaded by 50.000 – 100.000 users. It has been rated as of April 2016 by 1.644 users and received 4.1 stars out of 5.
Comfort of use Easy to hard. – Depends on the age of the learner. Easy – for young learners who are familiar with smartphones and games it will be easy and even fun to use this app. Hard. – For older learners who are generally less experienced with this technology it will probably be much harder to navigate their way through the game or even to download the app.
Skills and knowledge required Basic – Advanced. – Depends on the age of the learners (see column H). For young learners it will be easy to download the app and use it. This may be much harder for older learners or learners unfamiliar with the technology. This group of learners may even require assistance to download the app and to become familiar with the game.
Hardware requirements Android smartphone, android tablet, iPhone or iPad
Software requirements iOS 6.0 or later, Android 2.3.3 or later
Expected technological tendency/trend High. – The app was developed by the Goethe Institut which guarantees for a high quality. The development of the app continues. Currently version 1.2 is available with new features. If the development continues, users will be able to continue using the app as the smartphone technology advances.
Open Source Yes Access Offline
Mobile friendly Yes Registration required Yes

Additional Information

Target group

Learners who use German in their job


Listening comprehension, Vocabulary extension



Mobile friendly