Angprofi offers 44 simple lessons for A1-B1 students. Lesson 21: Jobs and Professions can be used in class to introduce vocabulary related to the topic of work for students at A2 level. The lesson covers basic vocabulary and expressions to talk about work and different professions. In order to actively participate in class, students will need to be able to use the verbs be, have (got) and can, and be familiar with the Present Simple.

Resource/Tool Description

Didactic Analysis

The teacher starts the class by explaining the difference between words job an work, which could also be used as revision of the Present Simple (e.g. I work, he works, I have a job, she has a job etc.)

After that, the teacher takes students through the vocabulary listed in the lesson providing any necessary explanation. Since the list only covers very basic expressions, the teacher might need to introduce additional vocabulary to enable students to build short sentences using the new vocabulary. The target language can also be used by students to write short dialogues in pairs or alone, which can later be used as role plays.

The lesson can also be used to teach prepositions e.g. I work as a / in / at etc. or as an introduction to the Present Continuous e.g. I’m looking for a job.

The Exercises section (ćwiczenia) can be used as extra practice in class or at home.

Pros and cons:
+ Good lesson for adult learners
+ Fun games to practice new vocabulary, pronunciation of all the new words
+ Pictures, which would be of help to any ‘visual’ type of learner

– The website doesn’t provide many exercises
– The website is not suitable for non-Polish speakers

The lesson is a great basis for vocabulary / speaking lesson at A2 level. It provides a lot of potential for simple speaking practice, which is very helpful but often difficult for teachers to arrange at such low levels.

Technical Analysis


Complexity of the development / implementation of the content Low. The site is poorly developed and the content is limited to 44 lessons focused on vocabulary. Each of them contains lesson (in form of a text), glossary and simple exercises.
Comfort of use Easy, but you have to know Polish as all the instructions are in Polish
Skills and knowledge required Basic
Hardware requirements Computer
Software requirements No specific software requirements
Expected technological tendency/trend Low. This type of tools are becoming less popular as they have limited features and do not offer progress check or certificates and are not visually attractive.
Open Source Yes Access Online
Mobile friendly No Registration required No

Additional Information

Target group

Polish speakers


Speaking + phonetics, Vocabulary extension



Mobile friendly