Audiotrainer (unit 41: Where is…? – Orientierung)


Unit 41 (“Where is…? – Orientierung”) is the first of five units focusing on free-time activities and orientation. The unit focuses on useful questions to ask for directions and to ask for information at tourist information centers. In order to work on this unit, learners should know w-questions and word order in questions.

Resource/Tool Description

Didactic Analysis

The unit teaches w-questions to ask for directions. Therefore, the unit could be used as a starting point for orientation in a city. However, the unit only teaches questions but does not provide the answers or useful phrases for giving directions. After listening to the recording, the trainers could move on to introduce phrases for giving directions. In order to practice the words provided in this unit, learners could write role play scenarios asking for and giving directions how to get from one place to another. To make it more realistic learners could use a map to give directions in a real city. The unit could also be used as homework to practice questions to ask for directions. Learners can check their answers by listening to the recording.

Pros and cons:
+ Useful vocabulary for everyday typical situations
+ Clear and slow audio recordings – easy to understand for learners with low language levels
+ Audio recordings and exercises present each sentence or word both in German and English
– The recordings don’t stop to allow the learners to repeat the sentences
– Suitable for learners with basic knowledge in English
– Only one exercise per unit

The course presents useful phrases for everyday situations. The exercises are available to download as PDF-documents giving the trainers the opportunity to print them and hand them out in class. However, the unit offers no grammar explanations making it unsuitable for self-study. The exercise focuses on translating phrases from English to German. It is therefore not suitable for learners who do not speak any English.

Technical Analysis


Complexity of the development / implementation of the content Well-designed and categorized audio lectures. Usability is good and the information is nicely presented and easy to be found. You can download of view/listen transcript in pdf format and audio in mp3 format for each of the 100 courses in 20 topics.
Comfort of use Easy
Skills and knowledge required Basic
Hardware requirements Computer, tablet, Smartphone, headphones
Software requirements No specific software requirements
Expected technological tendency/trend Medium, materials can be easily used in different online platforms or offline in the classroom
Open Source No Access Online/offline
Mobile friendly Yes Registration required No

Additional Information


A1, A2





Mobile friendly




Target group

All Learners


Grammar, Listening comprehension, Speaking + phonetics, Vocabulary extension