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British council approved learning series, with real-life videos about various situations, followed by series of quizzes, questions and games. Focused mostly on listening and understanding context, less about grammar. Learnenglish is a platform with hundreds of pages of high-quality video and audio, along with interactive exercises to help people with grammar and vocabulary. Registration on this site is totally free and allows interacting fully with other users by adding comments.

Resource/Tool Description

Didactic Analysis

The website is divided into 6 sections:

Listen & watch: video, audio and reading materials. They are fun and accompanied by useful language practice activities.

Grammar & vocabulary: learn and practice grammar and vocabulary through explanations, activities and games. There is a detailed grammar by well-known author Dave Willis, a quick reference containing 48 common areas of grammar and games to help in practice the vocabulary.

Fun & games: play games of all types and listen to jokes to help in practice English and also have fun.

Business & work: In Business and Work there is materials aimed at helping learner to reach a professional aspirations by developing their English skills. Like podcasts and articles on a range of business and professional topics, all accompanied by language practice activities to improve learner’s workplace English. There is also a video series that covers the process of recruiting.

Writing: Writing for a Purpose includes information about the types of writing and purposes for writing, exercises to help learners write and examples from assignments that successful students have written.

IELTS test: In IELTS section there is a practice materials and advice to help learners prepared for the listening, speaking, reading and writing modules of the IELTS test.

Pros and cons:
+ Free lessons and games
+ Easy to use
– Not downloadable lessons

The website is very clear and easy to use, the proposed classes are fun, images accompany vocabulary, and dialogues and videos are very explicit.

Technical Analysis


Complexity of the development / implementation of the content High – Multimedia content. Mobile application. The site is very well developed and it offers plenty of English language materials for kids, teenagers and adult learners. There are video and audio materials, interactive exercises, games and tests, also in the form of mobile apps.
Comfort of use Easy.
Skills and knowledge required Basic
Hardware requirements Computer, tablet, smartphone
Software requirements No specific software apart from Flash Player required
Expected technological tendency/trend Medium
Open Source Yes Access Online
Mobile friendly Yes (mobile apps) Registration required No

Additional Information

Target group



Grammar, Listening comprehension, Vocabulary extension



Mobile friendly

Yes (mobile apps)






A1, A2, B1, B2