Free language


Free language is free of charge multifunctional platform designed for the needs of the language learners and trainers. It is perfect for people who have little or no knowledge on a language. It is also useful for people who travel a lot – the platform offers information about most of the world countries; country maps; information about the national and official holidays; interesting facts about the country; traditions, habits, dialects, etc. The given examples are very realistic and present common everyday situations.

Resource/Tool Description

Didactic Analysis

The resource gives links to a free application for language learning through flash cards. This application could be installed and used either by the language trainer during class or by the learner at home. The biggest advantage of the platform is that it is mobile friendly and could be used on any device, which makes it perfect tool for language learning.

Some of the platform features:

– Educational language apps, videos, audio, podcasts, games

– Phrasebooks, translation tools and mobile dictionaries

– Different level lessons and courses

– Information for studying abroad

The trainer could use the tool in class and using all the interactive features – pictures; flash cards; games; articles. The platform is very attractive and will be useful for the language trainers and for the learners who want to self-prepare.

Pros and cons:
+ Mobile friendly
+ Interactive
+ Useful and attractive features
– Learners with no language knowledge need support from a trainer

Useful resource for everyone who wants not only to learn a new language but also to gain new knowledge on certain countries. It is good tool for the trainers who want to present to the learners some of the cultural specifics of a country.

Technical Analysis


Complexity of the development / implementation of the content Modern designed portal with different resources for learning Bulgarian. The UI is modern, navigation is easy, the graphics and images are well-selected to motivate visitors to click. Search
Comfort of use Easy
Skills and knowledge required Basic
Hardware requirements Computer, tablet, Smartphone
Software requirements No specific software requirements
Expected technological tendency/trend Medium, modern design, user engagement and good categorization
Open Source No Access Online
Mobile friendly Yes Registration required No

Additional Information


A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2




Multiple languages

Mobile friendly




Target group

All Learners


Grammar, Listening comprehension, Reading comprehension, Speaking + phonetics, Vocabulary extension, Writing skills