Learning Greek Videos


The Hellenic American Union publishes material that contributes to fulfilling its mission as an educational and cultural institution. This material includes textbooks for learning Greek and English as a Foreign Language, exam preparation books, exhibition catalogues, monographs and other cultural publications.

Resource/Tool Description

Didactic Analysis

There are some of the features of the publication catalogue:

– Eight complete practice tests comprising listening, grammar, cloze, vocabulary, reading, and writing sections

– Eight speaking tests

– Full introduction to the ECPE, including scoring rubrics for the writing and speaking sections

– Photocopiable answer sheets

– Full listening transcripts

The resource could be used directly in class, the video dialogues related to the lessons could be played on the learners and they could repeat them.

All the dialogues are simple and short.

On the web page for each of the lessons there is:

A short description of the situation for the dialogue, viewing the video.

The video with Greek subtitles. The video with English subtitles.

The script for the video in both Greek and English, key vocabulary from the lesson; explanation.

Activities that are based on the vocabulary or grammar features that appear in the lesson.

Pros and cons:
+ Easy to use
+ PDF Format
+ Free lessons
– Not enough courses
– This just provides videos version however rest is same as previous one

The platform is very user friendly. There are a series of video lessons to learn Greek as a foreign language. The videos provide simple but authentic language in real-life everyday contexts.

Technical Analysis


Complexity of the development / implementation of the content Each lesson contains 3 videos uploaded on YouTube so can be accessed within the above page or directly on YouTube. The videos can also embedded in other webpages. Each lesson has also 2 documents in pdf format, one contains the Script, English translation, vocabulary, explanations for the Lesson and the other contains activities for this lesson.
Comfort of use Easy
Skills and knowledge required Basic
Hardware requirements Computer, tablet, Smartphone, headphones
Software requirements No specific software requirements
Expected technological tendency/trend Medium, materials can be easily used in different online platforms
Open Source No Access Online
Mobile friendly Yes Registration required No

Additional Information


A1, A2





Mobile friendly




Target group

All Learners


Listening comprehension, Reading comprehension, Speaking + phonetics, Writing skills