MOOCit – Brief

“MOOCit – Brief” is a MOOC course created by Fair-Image, a student company, aimed at refugees and asylum seekers. The course covers topics related to everyday life in Germany and includes videos as well as exercises.

Resource/Tool Description

Didactic Analysis

“MOOCit – Brief” focuses on writing letters, particularly formal letters. In order to follow the course, learners should have completed the B1 level. In order to understand the third video, learners should understand English.

The course focuses on a topic that is relevant for every learner living in Germany. It starts by introducing the topic with three videos that can be used as warm-up exercises. The videos present questions relevant for this topic, leave time for learners to answer and present a solution in the end. The course material includes three videos. However, it is not entirely clear if all of them should be watched or if watching only one of the videos is sufficient, too. However, the first two videos combine spoken and written language as well as pictures making it thus particularly suitable for students struggling with listening comprehension.

The third video is partly in English and focuses on writing an email in English. This is confusing for learners, since the resource is supposed to focus on writing formal letters in German.

The exercises vary from simple multiple choice exercises to crosswords or from putting parts of letters in order to actually writing a letter. For all exercises except for the last one, learners can check their answers and get an immediate feedback. The wide variety of exercises makes it possible to address different interests and keep the learners motivated.

After watching the videos, there are different types of exercises to check listening comprehension and to practice the correct structure of a letter.

After having completed the exercises, there are different writing assignments to put the newly learned facts into practice.

There are various ways how to use the resource in class. Teachers could, for example, play the introductory videos in class and then proceed to establishing the structure and practice letter writing using their own materials. Teachers could also introduce the subject using their own materials and then have learners complete the online exercises either in class or as homework. Thirdly, teachers could use the whole course material to introduce the subject and to give students the option to practice.

Teachers who do not wish to use the online material in class could also assign the writing tasks at the end of the course for homework and offer the online material as help option.

Pros and cons:
+ Topic relevant for all learners who live in Germany
+ Strict rules for structuring formal letters – useful for job applications
+ Useful for learners struggling with listening comprehension


The resource covers a topic that is important for everyday life in Germany. It uses many different ways of presenting the new information and thus addresses different types of learners. Learners can also check their answers online, making the resource also suitable for self-study or homework. Due to the many options how to use the resource in class, the teacher remains flexible and can adapt it to his/her group of learners as needed.


Technical Analysis


Complexity of the development / implementation of the content Medium. – The website is designed like wikipedia which many learners will be familiar with. Apart from videos, there are multiple choice exercises, matching exercises, crosswords, word search exercises and links to other websites. For each exercise, users get an immediate information about their results. The website also lists the users who developed the course but there is no way of knowing their didactical background. There is also contact address for technical problems and suggestions.
Comfort of use Easy. – Most users will be familiar with Wikipedia and will thus be able to easily navigate the website.
Skills and knowledge required Basic
Hardware requirements Computer, tablet or smartphone, headphones
Software requirements No specific software requirements
Expected technological tendency/trend Medium. – The wikipedia format is very popular and easy to use and there is no tendency in Wikipedia losing its top position as a provider of knowledge. Content of the course can always be added and adapted by registered users. Thus the website can continue to grow and there is a possibility that the content will be checked and links, etc. kept up to date. However, the website is being maintained by volunteers which makes it hard to predict of type, frequency and quality of future developments.
Open Source Yes Access Online
Mobile friendly Yes Registration required Yes

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Mobile friendly



Target group

All Learners


Grammar, Reading comprehension, Writing skills